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What to expect at your first acupuncture treatment

Acupuncture 101: What will happen during the first appointment?

Your first appointment will be an office visit consult, this will take 15-30 minutes. At this point we will determine if we are a good fit to help you and create an individualized treatment plan. In most cases we will be able to get you in for a treatment following your consult.

Before your appointment, you will be asked to complete a Health history questionnaire. This helps us to know your concerns, current medical conditions, and health goals. During your consult, we will gather a little more information and do any indicated exam to see how we can best serve you or make proper referrals for care. We will provide a detailed treatment plan and recommendations after your consult.

We specialize in pain management and may recommend acupuncture, pain relief injections, cupping, nutrition or naturopathic visit, or vitamin shots.

Plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early. We run on time, being late will cut your valuable consult time short, we want you to get maximum benefit from each visit!

Consult fee for nonprofit patients who qualify is $40. 

If treatment is done after the consult, the cost of the treatment is based on sliding scale. To learn more about our fees, click here.

What should you bring to your consult and to acupuncture appointments?

For your initial visit, please complete all paperwork 24 hours before your appointment. An email invitation from our patient portal, Charm will be sent upon scheduling your consult. Please bring with you any supplements you are taking.

For acupuncture treatments, it is best to wear loose fitting clothes or bring a tank top and shorts. We typically do points in the arms and legs. Most people don’t even feel the points go in! People typically report feeling really relaxed and most take a short nap during treatment. After the first treatment, people often report feeling calm and have improved sleep!


Acupuncture can treat chronic pain in bothell washington


At the Pain Relief Project, it is our mission to help people become pain-free! We are a local 501c3 nonprofit clinic offering free or low-cost natural medicine and acupuncture services in Bothell and the greater Seattle Area. To learn more visit, or give our office a call today at (425) 686-4498.