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Pain Relief Project: Year in Review

Your Starting Point to Health: Pain Relief Project

Welcome 2019!

We are so excited to celebrate serving Bothell and the Greater Seattle area for one year! This year has been so fun, challenging, and exciting.

Why did we form The Pain Relief Project?

I realized that there had been many changes in regard to healthcare that left certain groups without the proper care they needed. One thing I knew for sure is that acupuncture works for pain management! What I noticed was that once people got on Medicare or Medicaid they stopped care, even though they were getting better! Medicare and certain Medicaid plans do not cover alternative medicine and it can be an added out-of-pocket expense to seek alternative care such as acupuncture.

I knew I had to do something about this. Everyone deserves to live pain-free!

So, that is how the Pain Relief Project was started. To bridge the gap.

Our mission is to increase access to integrative healthcare. We believe that everybody deserves a starting point on their path to optimal health and wellness.

As such, it is our goal to expand access to affordable, preventative, and corrective healthcare services like acupuncture and naturopathic medicine to people who cannot otherwise afford such as those on Medicaid, Medicare, seniors on a fixed income, low-income, unemployed or on disability, or Veterans.

Progress since 2018: Pain Relief Project Year in Review

Since we opened our doors to the nonprofit. We have established two pop-up/off-site pain relief clinics. These clinics were partnerships with local senior centers. At the Mountlake Terrace Senior center, we served members and the general community every Wednesday. Providing over 100 treatments so far! Dr. Ellie also leads a monthly Chronic Pain Support Group at the Shoreline Senior center. This is a free monthly group that provides another aspect of pain relief, support. We discuss alternative ways to treat pain, nutrition, answer questions about supplements, and all things pain-relief!

We were fortunate to be featured on the Conversations radio with DeeAnna Lee in July 2018. To listen to the interview about the Pain Relief Project, click here. As well as being featured in the Shoreline Area News, Bothell Reporter, and Seattle Natural Awakenings magazine.

In addition to our off-site pop-up pain clinics, we also see patients daily at our main office in downtown Bothell. We offer low-cost and sliding scale rates for those who qualify and if you do have health insurance we can see you in our main practice, Starting Point Acupuncture.

At the end of 2018, we ran our first fundraiser the Winter Warm-up Clothing Drive and had over 200 pounds of clothes donated! All the donations help to fund our nonprofit and pop-up centers get supplies!

What do you treat at The Pain Relief Project?

We know that pain comes in many forms. Physical, mental, and emotional pain. There are many tools in our toolbox we use to address the root cause of the pain. This may include nutrition, supplements, acupuncture, or pain relief injections. We commonly treat people who suffer from chronic pain such as neck, back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain, migraines, IBS, and even anxiety and insomnia. What makes us unique is that we get to the root cause and target the underlying pain generators to help support your body while we are treating the pain. Helping to boost energy and mood, regulate sleep, and improve digestion all contribute to how we respond and treat pain.

What is in store for 2019?

Dr. Ellie and the Pain Relief Project team are so excited for what is in store for 2019. We plan to have several other pop-up pain clinics, offer low-cost vitamin injection pop-ups, and increase availability at our main clinic to serve more patients. We also plan to launch more free or low-cost health talks and classes!

Thank you for all of your support! We look forward to serving more people and helping everyone become pain-free!

Dr. Ellie Heintze

Director, Pain Relief Project

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