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Energy boosting food ideas

Fight Fatigue With These Energy Boosting Foods

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Foods That Give a Natural Energy Boost

If you’re struggling with your energy levels, it might be time to look at your diet. What you eat and drink can be really important for maintaining your energy levels .. or lack of them. Some foods are great for stabilizing your blood sugar and protecting against energy slumps, and also help to improve your energy levels. These foods are great choices for giving natural energy boosts.


Banana for energy boosting ideas

Loaded with fiber, potassium and vitamin B6, all of which help to give you an energy lift. In one study, bananas were just as effective as sports drinks for keeping cyclists energized during their rides. How about that for a natural energy booster?


Packed with fiber and protein, quinoa helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. It also contains magnesium, iron and B vitamins, which are vital for helping your body to get energy for food. As a gluten free grain, it’s an easy way to get energy from staples even if you can’t eat wheat. It doesn’t need to form part of a meal either. You can use quinoa to make on-the-go healthy snacks such as muffins or energy balls.


Oats for energy boosting food ideas

Eat this for breakfast and the fiber and protein content will keep you feeling full all morning. Plus, oatmeal is digested fairly slower and stabilizes your blood sugar levels and makes it a lot less likely that you’ll struggle with energy dips. A bowl of oatmeal at breakfast is the obvious choice for getting more of it into your life but you can also add it to smoothies and in baking.  Be careful about the kind of oatmeal you buy though. The processed kinds are full of sugar and won’t have the same positive effects for energy.  In fact, they’re likely to have a very negative impact on your blood sugar levels and cause them to rise and then quickly fall, which is pretty much the opposite of what you were intending!


Beans are a triple threat when it comes to energy, with protein, fiber and carbs. This makes them a great choice as a natural energy booster and for helping to stop blood sugar levels from spiking. Black beans are a particularly good choice and you can add them to soups for a quick but filling snack.


Energy boosting foods


Snacking on a handful of almonds is another natural energy booster. Almonds are a great source of healthy fats, magnesium and B vitamins and these are vital for helping your body to convert more of your food into energy. If your magnesium levels are low, you can get tired quickly – especially when you exercise. Almonds will help to prevent this.


Fatty fish in general is a great source of protein, healthy fats and B vitamins, all of which are super important for energy.

Hummus and vegetables

The fiber and protein content from the chickpeas or beans that make up the bulk of hummus help to stabilize blood sugar levels. Chickpeas are a complex carb that allows the body to use energy on a more gradual basis. Team it with vegetable snacks such as carrot or celery sticks or red pepper chunks for a healthy and energy boosting mid afternoon snack.

Nut butter

According to research published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, nuts are the perfect choice for both boosting your energy and keeping you sated. You don’t have to snack on whole nuts to get this effect as nut butters are another option.

With plenty of fiber, protein and healthy fats, nut butter is perfect if you’re lacking in energy. It’s ideal as an energizing way to start the day off or when you need some extra energy later in the day. Try spreading it on your toast in the morning as an alternative to butter or jam, in sandwiches, added to smoothies or spread on chopped raw vegetables as a snack.

A typical serving is up to 2 tablespoons; any more than that and it can start to become fattening. A word of caution where nut butters are concerned – look for ones that are made solely from nuts. The processed kinds are not that healthy and can be bad for both energy and satiety.


Energy boosting foods like water can help to fight fatigue


Although it’s not a food, water definitely deserves a mention on this list as it can have a big effect on your energy levels. If you’re even a little bit dehydrated, it can make you feel tired. Make sure that you drink enough water, especially first thing in the morning when you’ve probably got dehydrated during the night. Read are other article on hydration, here.


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