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Injury and Sports Recovery

Acupuncture for Rehabilitation from Sports Injury

Acupuncture and rehabilitation

Acupuncture for Rehabilitation: Key Steps to Healing Sports injuries are an incredibly common reason patients first seek out treatment with Traditional Chinese Medicine. From a TCM perspective, there are numerous energetic imbalances that may have predisposed someone to a particular injury, or may now be affected by the injury. A trained practitioner will look at…

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Acupuncture for sprains and strains

Acupuncture for Sprains and Strains

Stay up-to-date on pain-relief clinics and events, join our community here: Can acupuncture help with sprains and strains, what does the research say? A study of 1,200 basketball players with reported ankle sprains was conducted by the Department of Physical Education at Changsha Normal University and in conjunction with the Institute of Sport at Jishou…

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Research Update: Acupuncture and Sports Injuries

Sports injuries and acupuncture

How acupuncture can help sports injuries In a study conducted by researchers from the Physical Education Institute at Zhengzhou University, Traditional Chinese Medicine was investigated to see how it affected athletes suffering from motor impairment due to injury. Participants in the study suffered from limited range of motion in a number of joints, including the…

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Acupuncture can help athletes recover faster

sports injuries, sprains and strains

Acupuncture Can Help Athletes Recover Faster Injury is the most dreaded possibility for athletes, amateur or professional. The down time waiting for the wounds to heal can be mind-numbing and infuriating. And when you finally think that you’re ready to get back in the ring, you’re back in top health, your injury may flare up…

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