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Winter Warm-up Clothing Drive!!!

Winter Warm-up clothing drive

Clothing Drive: November 1st-December 14th Our Winter Warm-up Clothing Drive will help provide warm clothes to those who need it this winter and raise $2000 for The Pain Relief Project so we can continue to offer low-cost and free services to those who need it! If you have used or gently used clothes, pants, shirts,…

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How does Chinese Medicine view mental health?

Mental Health

Mental Health: The Shen Mind Connection Traditional Chinese Medicine looks at things differently and while it may be a little confusing, there is usually some common ground that can be found upon examination and explanation. One such area is the idea of the mind and mental health. The mind in Traditional Chinese Medicine is commonly…

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On a mission: Pain-free Seattle…and beyond!

Pain-free Seattle

Pain-free Seattle, here we go! It’s finally here! We are open for┬ábusiness! I started the Pain Relief Project for many reasons. One of the main reasons was sparked by a trend I was seeing in my practice. Increased use of pain medications that were not working. The Opioid epidemic is real people! More and more…

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