About our sliding scale rates:

  • Pain Relief Project offers reduced and affordable rates for care as a 501(c)3 nonprofit clinic, thanks to the generosity of our donors.
  • We are a cash clinic, and do not bill insurance, which allows us to pass on the cost savings to you.
  • Our rates are simple and transparent, so we can spend our time providing care to those who need it the most.
  • We offer several different options on where you receive your care, making our clinic unique. Please note some pop-up pain clinics may have different rates (and will be noted if they are different for that location).
  • We are committed to providing safe, effective, and efficient alternative medical care to all as well as providing a starting point to pain-free living to everyone.

Our rates are offered to those who qualify:

  • Without health insurance
  • On Medicare or Medicaid
  • Full-time college students
  • Military
  • On disability or on unemployment
  • Senior citizens on a fixed income
  • Low-income. Determined as 100-200% of Federal Poverty Level Guidelines, based on Household Size.

Click for more information and to see if you qualify based on your income.

Pain Relief Project: Rates and Fees

Initial Acupuncture visit: $55

Return Acupuncture visit (at main clinic location): $40

Cupping (offered at main clinic only): $25 (30-minute session)

Nutrition Coaching (Initial Session): $80 (60 minutes)

Return Nutrition visit: $45 (30 minutes)

B12 Injections: $20

Community Acupuncture | Pop-up Pain Clinics: Location may determine cost and availability: Price may range from, $20-35 a visit

Click here to find out when and where the Pop-up Pain Clinics will be offered

Do you have Washington State Health Insurance?

If so, please see Dr. Heintze at her private practice at Starting Point Acupuncture in downtown Bothell. She is a preferred provider of most major WA state health plans. Call (425) 686-4498 for more information or to schedule at Starting Point or the Pain Relief Project.